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A person walking towards a bamboo forest I’m 29 and live in Medford, MA. I grew up in Nashville, TN.

I make {short songs}, am {learning to grow living things}, and am trying to make writing a more regular activity. I used to be a strong rock climbing – you could find me in the local rock gym on most days; these days you can find me in the Middlesex Fells running on the trails.

About 5 years ago, I found my work misaligned with my concept of {impact}. Shortly after, I started [Upstream Tech] with my pal [Alden] to see if we could use our skills to aid efforts in environmental conservation and renewable energy. It’s going well so far, we think. We really enjoy our work, are humbled by those we work with, and the team is more than [20 amazing people]. Along the way, I have learned a lot about the complexities – and context – of water/climate/energy, the excitement and terrors of growing a remote team, and (in the most cliche way possible) myself.

This site is called {mmx}. It is my place to write, research and share ideas.