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A mystery point-and-click concept set in space

My attempts to make games thus far have been thwarted by shiny tools and a tendency to over-complicate the building process. I’ve played with both Godot and Unity, and while initial experiments have clearly illustrated their power as game engines, this game concept strips away my typical rabbit holes (complex game/physics/graphics) to focus on narrative and game mechanics.

The game is a Myst-like, set on a spacecraft. The player navigates between rooms and views within the rooms, such as a close-up of a control panel or viewport. Various elements within each view are interactive. Puzzles related to this narrative will present themselves over time to enable access to new areas of the ships, or modify previous views that have already been visited.

The game starts with the player awaking from a hibernation pod. There are no other evident signs of other crew members, and the player cannot remember why they are on the spacecraft.